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Posted on 19 October 2017 by Fern Thomson

Tell us a bit about yourself and how your Instagram account started...

Well firstly I'm not a floating burger but a real boy, which may come as a bit of a shock (sorry!). Basically, I'd been going to street food markets for ages as a punter, picking out dishes on the back of seeing these awesome photos on insta and I thought "hey, why not do that myself and see what happens...?"

We’ve met you in a real life and you’re not a bad looking burger... Why do you and other street food influencers stay anonymous?

Hmmmm...well, when I started out, two of the big accounts I was bang into were 
@ClerkenwellboyEC1 and @TomsBigEats. So I kinda figured I would either get absolutely ripped like Tom or hide in the doughy shadows like CB. Hence I am a burger (both in mind and in avatar...)

We’ve noticed you’re quite the fan of street food… What is it that keeps you going back for more?

It’s just so naughty isn’t it? I mean, show me anything that can make you physically salivate like a burger can?!? And it’s a proper EXPERIENCE, meeting some mad trader, hearing their story and eating their food in front of them - you just can’t do that in a restaurant (or the chefs get really annoyed...)

If you could only eat at one market for the rest of your days, where would you eat and why?

I've always loved 
@KERBFOOD (their traders are the best imo) but if it has to be one single market then @StreetFeast Dinerama because the Shoreditch setup is awesome and the bestest place to start a night 👊🏻

If we waved our magic wand (probably more like a kebab) and granted you unlimited food from any one cuisine, which would it be?

Ooof...I'll say Thai because when it's good it's UNBELIEVABLE. But anything middle eastern too - I had a friend growing up whose mum was from Lebanon and when I had this fruity, spicy food for the first time I was like “woah, where have you been all my life!?”

What’s the weirdest or best street food you’ve ever eaten?

Ha, well I travelled through Cuba trying everything I could off the local stalls and the closest translation I got on one thing was ‘raccoon-bat-squirrel’!?! So that’s the best thing I’ve eaten... (errr, banter) but otherwise I’ll have to plump for 
@LeBunUK’s truffle double double burger (cos truffle whore) or these amazing okra fries I had once from @Kolkati - I’m not sure if they were a one off and maybe I’m just creating a false fantasy, but that's the beauty of food I guess!?

Why do so many bloggers have a thing for photographing street food?

It's just totally gnarly and there are so many things you can do to create a shot. In a restaurant you either get a photo of the plate from chest level or a birdseye view (I must stop going to those fish finger joints...) but with street food you can get it right into your hands, your mouth, your hair! There's just something about burger juice gushing down an arm that's infinitely sexier than a plate of prim and proper food.

What direction do you think the street food industry is moving in?

Only getting bigger and better from what I can see. I think the perception of street food as lesser quality and basically a minor health risk is slowly disappearing. Not quick enough though.

If we took over the street food world for a day and made you God, what would you do?

I'd turn the rivers to mango chilli mayonnaise, make the skies pour with othersidefried honey butter and hand out street food burgers on every corner to show people that they are THE BEST burgers money can buy, not just what you load up on after a big night out.

If you were a street food dish, what would you be and why?

Errrrm...I think I’ll go with a toasted marshmallow on a s’more!? My caramelised outer layer tastes pretty good I reckon, I’m soft and squidgy in areas and there’s hidden crackers beneath that. To be honest, I just want to eat myself.

What do you like about how Streats helps you get your street food fix?

Well, when you're posting everyday it's actually quite difficult to avoid hitting up my favourite places all the time, so having every market and trader at your fingertips is a big help when I'm planning some food adventures!

Is that everything? Phew! Now let me get back to my celery sticks and thimble of water please... 


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Fern Thomson

Content Editor